Terms of Business


1. Posh Digs’ Way of Doing Things

2. General Terms of Business

3. Repair Reporting Procedure and Time Scales for Repairs

4. Management of Disputes

5. Procedure for mid-term change of tenant(s)

6. Tariff of Charges

7. Contact Details



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Simply put; we provide properties that we are proud of and treat our tenants and their parents how we would like to be treated.

Listed below are the core principles that encapsulate our philosophy to provide outstanding service and quality throughout every student tenancy. We hope these commitments cover all of your major concerns about student accommodation but should you have any further suggestions on how we can further improve the service we provide then please let us know

We are serious about these commitments and if we fail to meet any of these standards we will refund part or all of the rent until we have fulfilled our promises to you (amount to be refunded will be agreed on a case by case basis).

(please note; we are in the process of implementing some of the newer additions listed below. However, these commitments will be applicable in full from July 2015)


For our Manchester Student properties we use local letting agents and aim to provide:

  1. Complete transparency in all costs with no surcharge for providing all inclusive bills.
  2. Accommodation that is free from damp, mould, infestations of vermin and other pests.
  3. Secure, safe and accredited accommodation with all relevant certification.
  4. Warm, dry and energy efficient buildings, appliances and lighting.
  5. Hi-speed Wi-Fi signal of good strength in all rooms of the house.
  6. High standards of well-maintained furnishings and décor.
  7. Prompt return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy in a fair and transparent way.

Details of how we achieve these commitments are shown below.


1.    To provide friendly staff who are polite, accessible and attentive in all dealings with our tenants and their parents.

How we deliver this promise:

For correspondence (text/email) sent directly to us (the landlord) by our tenants or our agents, we aim to respond within 2 working days of receipt and then act on our response within a reasonable time frame. The minimum performance standards for repairs are outlined below.

  • We will listen to any concerns, complaints or feedback and we promise to make changes to our services based on the results of our investigations into the cause of the complaint. This can be anything from the attitude of our staff, the timeliness of repairs or the quality of the property and its contents or any other aspect of your interaction with Posh Digs limited or our letting agents
  • We will provide prompt references for all our tenants when they are trying to secure new accommodation, a job, work experience or similar.
  • We regularly ask tenants for feedback after their dealings with our letting agents and contractors. This feedback drives our strategy of continual improvement in all aspects of our business.
  1. 2.    To provide complete transparency in all costs with no surcharge for providing all inclusive bills.

How we deliver this promise:

  • The monthly rent is the total cost of the property including all bills and services listed on the Agreement.
  • We only charge the tenants the amount we actually pay for services including Gas, Electricity, TV licence, Broadband, Phone and Digital TV services (where applicable).

  • 3.    To provide Accommodation free from damp, mould, infestations of vermin or other pests.

How we deliver this promise:

  • To provide properties free from infestation of all pests such as rats, mice, slugs, woodlice, bedbugs and cockroaches.
  • Any reports of infestation will be taken seriously. Where photographic evidence is provided by the tenant we will instruct professional pest control specialists from the city council within 5 working days. Where no photographic evidence is provided we may need to inspect the property to confirm the infestation which may take a little longer.
  • We will follow all practical advice given by the pest control specialists to minimise the risk of a repeat problem and provide such information in writing to the tenant within 28 working days.
  • We will advise tenants about reducing the risk of infestation by keeping the house clean and eradicating all debris, foodstuffs and litter from inside and outside the property. We will also provide fortnightly cleaning of the communal areas to try to help with this on the understanding that the tenants keep the house relatively clean and tidy between the scheduled cleaning.
  • Give written and verbal guidance on reducing condensation to minimise the risk of mould growth.
  • To deliver the property free of rising damp (should this occur during the tenancy, we will instruct damp specialists to rectify the problem within 28 days and, if appropriate, offer a reduced rent for the effected areas while remedial work is undertaken)
  • To maintain walls, roofs and drains to prevent the ingress of water into the property.
  • Ensure windows are in good working order and are sufficiently secure to allow tenants to adequately ventilate the property whenever they are at home and to encourage tenants to do so.
  • To maintain an energy efficient central heating system to keep the property warm and dry.
  • Provide adequate drying facilities including an external washing line and a tumble dryer to minimise condensation build-up within the property.
  • To maintain a bathroom extractor fan with a time delay to minimise condensation in the bathroom.
  • Should mould/damp occur, we will take steps to rectify this within 10 working days of notification in writing (text, email or letter is fine).


  1. 4.    To provide secure, safe and accredited accommodation with all relevant certification.

How we deliver this promise:

  • Annual gas safety certification, 5 yearly electrical periodic certifications, annual portable appliance checks.
  • EPC Certificates are provided.
  • Modern fuse box with ‘trip switches’ and RCD protectors.
  • All ground floor and accessible windows will be fitted with an adequate security system to allow tenants to safely leave windows open at any time they are present in the house (For example: leaving the window open overnight while sleeping)
  • Window alarms on all accessible bedroom windows.
  • Burglary alarm with door and motion sensors.
  • 30-minute fire doors with closures and intumescent/smoke seals on all communal and bedroom doors. Mains wired fire detection and alarm system. Emergency lighting on escape routes. 30 minute protected fire escape route. 2kg multi-use extinguishers and fire blanquettes in kitchens. All furniture to meet modern fire safety standards.
    • All of the above are checked by us or our contractors every 12 months
    • In addition, a tenant is asked to record weekly checks of the fire-alarm system in the provided log-book.
    • Minimum of 2 double sockets in each bedroom in sensible locations to minimise the risk of socket overloading and reduce the risk of fire.
    • Multipoint or 5 lever mortise locks on all external doors.
    • Spyhole and exterior lighting on the front door.
    • Double glazing throughout with all windows having window locks and keys.
    • 24 Home emergency cover to provide prompt repair of any aspect of the property that is unsafe or where the security of the property is threatened (e.g. after an attempted or actual break-in)
    • Motion sensor external lighting at the front, side and rear of the property.
  1. 5.    To provide warm and energy efficient accommodation, appliances and lighting.

How we deliver this promise:

  • ‘Hive Active Heating’ (see www.hivehome.com) allowing remote control of heating from your mobile phone (roll-out to be completed by July 2020).
  • Energy efficient, modern condensing boilers providing limitless instant hot water and heating with programmable room thermostat.
  • Energy efficient appliances. Since 2012 we have been installing ‘A Grade’ efficient appliances as a minimum standard (with the exception of tumble dryers which are grade B as a minimum).
  • Thermostatic showers are supplied by the efficient condensing central heating boiler, not from expensive electric heaters.
  • Modern double glazing.
  • Deep, modern loft insulation and wall insulation (not possible in some solid walls).
  • Draft excluders fitted where required.
  • Over 95% energy efficient lighting (also whenever the current energy efficient bulbs need replacing we are now aiming to use ultralow energy LED bulbs).
  1. 6.    Hi-speed Wi-Fi signal of good strength in all rooms of the house.

How we deliver this promise:

  • Fibre-optic broadband with a stated minimum speed of ~40mb/s for 1-6 occupants and ~150mb/s for 7 or more occupants (higher speeds may be available on request for an additional charge)
  • Hi-speed mains wired WiFi repeaters situated throughout the property providing seamless Wi-Fi of good strength in every room.
  • Passwords and account details provided to allow tenants to manage the internet connection directly with the supplier.


  1. 7.    To provide high standards of well-maintained furnishings and décor throughout the tenancy.

How we deliver this promise:

  • We aim to provide good quality furniture and décor and we will maintain everything throughout the tenancy.
  • If any item listed on the inventory does not meet the high standard you expect then we will supply (if not present), repair or replace the item within 28 days of receiving a written request from the tenant (text, email or letter is fine).
  • If an item requires more than two repairs during the tenancy then we will replace it with a new one.
  • We will ensure our tradesman leave the property clean and tidy at the end of each day and we will check the quality of the workmanship within 14 days of completion (sooner if requested by the tenant).


  1. 8.    To promptly the return the deposit at the end of the tenancy in a fair and transparent way.

How we deliver this promise:

  • We are very understanding with regards to student properties and expect a fair amount of wear and tare and don’t expect professional standards of cleaning at the end of the tenancy.
  • All deposits will be insured under a suitable Tenancy Deposit Scheme and our agents will adhere to all terms and conditions and timescales laid out by the scheme- these are numerous and subject to change so please visit https://www.gov.uk/tenancy-deposit-protection for more information.
  • End of tenancy guidance
  • With regards to the end of tenancy cleaning;
    • We expect a fair level of wear and tear throughout the tenancy, and we don’t expect the property to be returned in a perfectly clean state! As long as the tenants have removed all of their belongings and have made a fair attempt at cleaning (including the oven, and defrosting the fridge and freezers) and vacuuming then we won’t charge for the ‘top-up’ cleaning to get it back to its original glory!

    With regards to damages;

      • We understand that accidents happen and therefore we will not charge for damage which results from genuine accidents, as long as they are reported to use within a reasonable timeframe so as to minimise any further damage to the property as a result.
      • Where malicious damage has occurred or where damage has occurred due to drunken or dangerous activities then we reserve the right to make charges to rectify damages or cleaning as required.
      • Fair wear and tare are always expected in rental accommodation.



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Please refer to our partner letting agents with regards to their terms of business


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  • If you find anything broken, damaged or that doesn’t meet your high expectations then you must report this in writing (email is fine) to our letting agent or through our letting agent’s portal if applicable. The date on which a defect is reported in writing shall be the start date for the repairs completion time scale. 
  • Failure to report any such damages in a timely fashion may results in charges being brought against you if the delay in reporting such damages leads to further damages and costs. This includes failure to report all occurrences of mould, mildew and damp.

The following time scale will be adhered to:

  • 1) Priority One- Emergency Repairs
  •   Any disrepair that poses a risk to the health and safety of the tenants or serious damage to the property or residents belongings. 
  •   These repairs should be completed within 24 hours of the defect being reported.
  • 2) Priority Two- Urgent Repairs
  •   Repairs to defects, which materially affect the comfort or convenience of the residents.
  •   These repairs should be completed within five working days of the report of the defect.
  • 3)Priority Three- Non-urgent day to day repairs
  •   Reactive repairs not falling within the above categories. 
  •   To be completed within 28 working days of the defect being reported.

We will also give due notice is given to you when any unplanned maintenance work or planned, cyclical works are carried out (such as gas appliance servicing, electrical inspections; related works, fire detection; equipment servicing, gutter/ window cleaning, and exterior/interior painting).

We will always ask that our contractors and tradespersons remove all redundant components/debris from the site on completion of works, with decorative finishes to be made good if damaged or disturbed during repair. If this is not done then please let us know immediately so we can ask the contractor/tradesperson to rectify this.

Our letting agents will inspect the completed work to ensure it has been completed to a reasonable standard



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Our letting agents hold and manags our deposits.

Any disputes relating to deposits will be deal with by our letting agents in accordance to the scheme’s guidelines which you can read on their website (www.tds.gb.com) by clicking here (opens new window).

We will respond in writing within two weeks of receiving correspondence from you or your chosen representatives.

We will ensure that any settlements and agreements reached are honoured within four weeks of the settlement being made.



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Please note: Once you have signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) Agreement you are legally bound to pay the Rent for the Term. This means that even if you don’t live at the house, for whatever reason, you are still responsible for paying your share of the Rent in full each month till the end of the tenancy(minimum 12 months). Failure to pay your share of the rent in full could lead to legal proceedings and/or a County Court Judgement and/or a Money Claim Online being filed against you and/or your guarantor to recover any rent in arrears and any other monies owed under the terms of the tenancy agreement.

However, we are fair and understanding Landlords and we appreciate that your plans can change, exams can get in the way of progression in university or any number of unforeseen circumstances can occur which require you to move out of your accommodation. As such we will normally permit a change of tenant at any point within the first 6 months from the start of the Agreement. If you wish to move out in the second 6 months then we will make a decision on a case by case basis. No change of tenant(s) is permissible in the last 3 months of the Term.

Should one of the tenants named on the tenancy agreement wish to leave mid-term, they should adhere to the following guidelines and note the charges outlined below:

  • STEP 1- Continue to pay your rent in full, even if you have physically moved out of the Property

  • STEP 2- let our letting agent know in writing/email of your circumstances, stating the reason you wish to leave.

  • STEP 3- Our letting agent will contact us and we will reply in writing/email within 7 days (14 days in exceptional circumstances) of our decision as to whether you will be permitted to exit the agreement early (this will normally be fine if it’s within 6 months of the start of the tenancy)

  • STEP 4a- You will need to find a replacement tenant ASAP! (preferably a friend of the other tenants). 
  • STEP 4b- If you are struggling to find a tenant quickly then our letting agent will be able to help so please just ask.

  • STEP 5- Once the new tenant has completed the application form all the charges below become applicable, even if they decide not to proceed to sign the agreement. However, the charges outlined below will only be applied once per change of tenant.
    • The new tenant must provide sufficient references, identification and a suitable Guarantor
    • The new tenant must be able to pay the deposit in full when the new agreement is signed 
    • The new tenant must be able to pay their first months rent in advance before the first day of the Term stated on the new tenancy agreement.
    • You or The new tenant must pay all fees due to the letting agent in relation to a change of tenancy
  • STEP 6- When you have moved out and returned your key we will complete an inventory of the property and inform you of any charges for damages, cleaning or any other money owed under the terms of your tenancy agreement. If we can’t agree to these charges then we will refer the case to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to decide (this is rarely necessary and there are rarely any charges due)
  • STEP 7- Once the new tenant has met all the conditions stated above, signed the agreement, returned a signed and witnessed Deed of Guarantee, paid their deposit and first months rent we will unprotected the deposit bearing your name and return it to you after any deductions you are liable for under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement have been made, along with the fees stated below. If the deposit is insufficient to cover the money owed then you will have to pay the difference.
  • STEP 8- that’s it! you will have nothing more to pay and you will be released from the terms of the tenancy agreement.



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Mid term change of tenant charges
  • Administration charges - please contact your letting agent to ask about their charges
    • Completing a mid-term inventory and property check for departing tenants
    • Sending and processing application form for new tenants
    • Drawing up the new agreement
    • Reference checking new tenants
    • Corresponding with existing and new tenants regarding the change of tenant and signing of the new agreement
    • Obtaining signatures on a new agreement 
    • Corresponding with new and existing guarantors regarding change of tenant
    • Drawing up new Deeds of Guarantee for all tenants
    • Posting and processing new Deeds of guarantee for all tenants
    • Checking the identity of new Guarantors
    • Obtaining deposits from new tenants and arranging rental payments
    • Unprotecting old deposit and protecting the new deposit 
    • Completing and sending new prescribed information, certificate and TDS information leaflet to all relevant persons
    • Returning deposit to departing tenants

    • Additional charges may apply in exceptional circumstances
    • Cleaning and Repairs £TBC 
      • Fee is based on findings of the interim inspection and third part quotations for remedial works where required
      • This is normally not charged if the bedroom is returned in a clean and rentable condition and the house is relatively clean and tidy


Late payment of monthly or summer rent (by more than 3 working days of 1st day of the month in which the payment is due) £20

Late payment of termly rent (by more than 3 working of the last day of the month in which the money is due: September,January, April) £40

Email/Text message sent to tenant/guarantor due to non-payment of rent or for any demand for payment due under the terms of the tenancy agreement £10

Letter sent to tenant/guarantor due to non-payment of rent or for any demand for payment due under the terms of the tenancy agreement  £20

Overpayment of rent requiring refund by BACS £10

Overpayment of rent requiring refund by cheque £20



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Your first point of contact will always be your letting agent as we do not manage our properties.

Nicholas Humphries (Manchester)

Report a repair- use the link on their website https://www.nicholashumphreys.com/branch/manchester/contact/manchester 

Emergency 24 Hour Contact Number Tenants OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCIES ONLY -

1st Option: ENTRYTEC on 01942 793 367 or 07392 911 584.

2nd Option: Andy Blackman 07800 632 862


323 Wilmslow Road 


Greater Manchester M14 6NW

Tel: 0161 300 9180


The Manchester Agent

Report a maintenance issue: https://themanchesteragent.fixflo.com/Auth/HomeIssueCreate 


The Manchester Agent
181 Langworthy Road
M6 5PW

Telephone: 0161 826 9190
Email : hello@themanchesteragent.co.uk


Northwood Lettings (Derby)



If you fail to get an adequate response from your letting agent in a reasonable time frame please contact us at:

Posh Digs Limited

Stephen Day and Posh Digs Limited are not VAT registered.

kindest regards,

The Posh Digs Team.

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